I began my career as a web developer about 3 years ago. I have worked with a diverse range of tools, frameworks, and development approaches. I find joy in continuously enhancing my skills and learning new stuff. Currently, I am delving into the world of Artificial Intelligence, and I must say, I find it absolutely fascinating. I believe I've finally found my true career pursuit.

Full Stack MERN Development

I'm comfortable working with the Full Stack MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) development framework. This means I can handle both the server and the user interface of a web application.

I love creating websites with rich UI components, including:

  • Web application,
  • Documentation pages,
  • CMS contents layout,
  • Dashboard layout,
  • and others.


I'm still new to MlOps but I know my way around. It's all about making machine learning projects run smoothly, from coding in TensorFlow to deploying models on AWS.

AI and machine learning are what I am passionate about. I've never had more fun learning anything than these technologies. There is like some connection I have developed with the world of AI and machines, and I am enjoying it

Data Visualization

I use libraries like Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly to create charts and graphs for data visualization. It's a way to make data more understandable.

Developer Tools and Cloud

I've got some hands-on experience with Git, Github, Linux, and Docker.

I use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as my preferred cloud platform. I find it handy for all sorts of web-related stuff.

Detail and Summary

I represent all data in labels to make it easier to read. The underline indicator shows how often I used the related item, e.g.:

Frequently UsedOccasionally

Programming Languages



BootstrapTailwind CSSChakra UIMaterial UI

Machine Learning

  • Data Visualization


Git and GitHubGitlabLinuxDockerAnsibleBash Shell Scripting

Developer Tools

Database and Cloud Services