AI Systems
Currently learning Data Analysis and machine learning, I am highly interested in computer vision, NLP, and other AI sub-domains.
Integrating Technologies
I thrive on the thrill of integrating various technologies to craft innovative solutions.
Full Stack Developement
With a primary focus on MERN stack, I work on the front-end user interfaces to back-end server, databases, and APIs.

About Me.

I'm a tech enthusiast who loves building, breaking, and then rebuilding things. I also enjoy integrating various technologies to create something new. Currently working on Ehsaas me 🚀

Idk why, but I find it hard to write about myself. Maybe because there's not much to write? or maybe because I haven't truly explored myself yet? Maybe. Anyways, this is something I came up with,

I am 22 years old, and I love programming. It's a shame I found this passion late, and I didn't even give it a try before. Now, I find it super fun, even though sometimes it truly tests my patience. The one best thing I've learned through programming, except programming ofcourse is that I've learned to compete. I never had this competitive spirit but now I am in a constant competition. It's not a competition with the world, but with myself. It's like there is an inner force that constantly pushes me to be better. I do realize that there is so much more for me to learn, and I know I have not even started yet.

Tech Stack

More about me

We all have our own set of skills, outlook on life and personality traits. At my best, here's what defines me:

Every bug i fix is a step closer to perfection.